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Vegan, sustainable and ethical fashion

The fashion industry is one of the world's largest and dirtiest industries. For decades, we in the Western world have consumed clothes and shoes as if they had an expiration date. A total of 90% of our clothes are manufactured in Asia and often the textile workers receive so little money that one cannot live on that salary. The Earth is hurting, along with the slave-paid people in distant lands, because of our fast fashion system.

Something must be done and we want to be part of that change!

Be the change! 

At our store you will find cocky clothes in sustainable materials, environmentally friendly bags, unique accessories in recycled materials and much more. We strive to always offer high quality and sustainable products and to have transparent and ethical supply chains.

Our products are primarily vegan and ethically produced, but we also want to minimize chemical emissions to have as little negative impact on the climate as possible. All brands we work with have a sustainable and ethical thinking in their production, whether it is organic cotton, prints which are free from phthalates or have all their production in Europe. 

Fashion with an attitude

Besides our foundation in veganism and always striving to offer sustainable choices, we also have the guts to stand out  with our black clothes, spicy quotes and the penchant for the obscure. Our products are cocky and you can wear them with pride. For the animals, for the planet and everyone who lives here.

The team behind Ve & fasa

Ve & fasa is run by two enthusiasts, Anna and Amanda. We come from different backgrounds and different parts of the country but we share our love for music, our view of equality, not to take any unjustified bullshit and above all, our passion for all beings equal value. You can read more about us here.

Visit us 

You will find our store at Duvnäsgatan 16 in Stockholm, Sweden. You are always welcome to visit, have a coffee or try our latest products. We are open on  Fridays between 1 pm and 6 pm, so just pop by. Are you in Stockholm visiting and not having the opportunity these hours - please contact us at info@veochfasa.se and we will try to solve it.