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"Bluebeard" is a French folk tale, the most famous surviving version written by Charles Perrault in 1697. The tale tells of a powerful nobleman with a blue beard who has married several times beautiful women who have since mysteriously disappeared. The villages around his domain were terrified until he remarried. One day his new wife dared to open the only forbidden room in the castle and there she found the bodies of all his former spouses.

But all legends have a story, and Bluebeard is based on Baron Gilles de Rais (1405-1440), a French marshal and companion to Jeanne d'Arc. Despite his military triumphs and the fact that he was admired by the people, he was also a serial killer, player, satanist, alchemist and magician. His murders are said to be rituals and went much further than what is imagined in a romanticized story about bluebeard.

Bluebeard is a handmade, vegan fragrance oil made from natural ingredients with grape seed oil as a base. This is a woody and fresh scent with blood orange at the top and full-bodied, warm sandalwood at the bottom. It comes in a silver-colored cylinder container with a roll-on applicator for easy use.

• Top notes: blood orange

• Middle notes: orrisrot

• Base notes: sandalwood, agarwood, devilwood