Crimson solid perfume

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"Ghosts are real. This much I know. There are things that tie them to a place, very much like they do us. Some remain tethered to a patch of land, a time and date, the spilling of blood, a terrible crime. But there are others, others that hold on to an emotion, a drive, loss, revenge, ...or love. Those, they never go away".

/ Edith Cushing, Crimson Peak

Crimson is a tribute to Crimson Peak by Guillermo del Toro. The perfume has a long dark history behind it if you can feel what it's like to live in Allerdale Hall... This scent can be described as mild and floral. It starts slowly with licorice-like fennel on top, and takes you deeper into the heart filled with rose to finish with oakmoss and aged vanilla.

Crimson is a handmade, vegan solid perfume made from natural ingredients with soy wax and shea butter as a base.

• Top notes: fennel

• Middle notes: rose

• Base notes: oakmoss, aged vanilla

Depending on the oils used, the color of the solid perfume will vary from light yellow to dark brown. Please keep it away from direct sunlight and other heat sources to prevent the wax from melting. But even if that happens, the fragrance will regain its hard shape and look smooth due to its high quality ingredients.