The Monk

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"The Monk: A Romance" is a Gothic novel by Matthew Gregory Lewis (1775-1818), published in 1796. The intricate and scandalous plot has made this book one of the most important Gothic novels of its time.

An exemplary Spanish monk, Ambrosio, is tormented by a sensual passion for his disciple Rosario, who turns out to be a beautiful woman and messenger of Satan. Matilda, who is hiding under the male convent dress, satisfies Ambrosio's desire and then the monk turns his attention to the young and innocent Antonia. With the help of Matilda, he rapes and kills the girl, who happens to be his sister. To avoid the punishment of the Inquisition, Ambrosio gives his soul to the devil.

The Monk is a handmade, vegan fragrance oil made from natural ingredients with grape seed oil as a base. This is a sweet and earthy scent with citronella and lily at the top and a smoky from myrrh and frankincense at the bottom. It comes in a silver-colored cylinder container with a roll-on applicator for easy use.

• Top notes: citronella, lily

• Middle notes: sage, cyst, rosemary

• Base notes: frankincense (incense resin), myrrh