Kikímara long hoodie

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Black, long sweater with short slits on both sides and holes for the thumbs in the cuff. It is illustrated by Anna Hanni and takes its name from female mythological beings from Slavic mythology. The origin of the name comes from two different roots: kikí, an ancient Baltic-Slavic root meaning "crooked / humpback" and mora (mara), a Slavic root meaning death.

Kikímaras are shaped in different ways, they could, for example, look like small crooked and disfigured old women dressed in rags. Sometimes they were found in swamps or forests and their favorite pastime was weaving and divination. They could also be accused of kidnapping children and in their place they left enchanted firewood.

Material: 80% organic cotton and 20% recycled polyester.

Certifications: GOTS (global organic textile standards) for an organic and ethical production.

Image 1 & 2: The model is 163 cm tall and is wearing a size Medium.

Image 3 & 4: The model is 184 cm tall and is wearing a size Large.

Image 5 & 6: The model is 168 cm tall and is wearing a size Large.