Artemis belt

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Artemis is a hip harness and is made by hand in vegan leather. It is 2 cm wide and has hanging hip details that are adjustable laterally on the belt strap. They are also removable, if you want to alternate and wear the belt more stripped down. It comes in two different sizes that are adjustable. S/M is approx. 60-80 cm in the waist and L/XL measures approx. 80-100 cm in the waist.


Image 1, 2 & 3: The model is 168 cm and wears size L/XL.
Image 4 & 5: The model is 179 cm and wears size S/M.

Remember to store your harness without sharp creases, at normal room temperature. Avoid getting it wet, if it happens to get wet, wipe thoroughly, especially around rivets and buckles. If cleaning is necessary, use a damp, well-wrung out cloth and spot clean.