On a tortuous path in the dark Scandinavian forest, much of the inspiration in our own collection can be found. Gnarled and scattered, with the truly morbid and peculiar constantly present, we want to offer clothes and accessories for you who are drawn to the unknown.

Ve & fasa is run by us, Anna and Amanda, and was established from the passion for the obscure and the belief in equality for all. In addition to our foundation in veganism, we share an interest in macabre art and odd objects. Anna has a bachelor's degree in art history and is responsible for the creative work. Amanda has studied both behavioral science and sustainability at the university. She handles the administration and is Ve & fasa's own injector of ideas.


The fashion industry is one of the world's largest and most horrible industries where the textile workers live on slave wages and the earth is constantly mistreated. Therefore, we strive to run Ve & fasa in a way that does not involve exploitation of humans and that continues to pollute our planet. Words such as "ethical production", "sustainable materials" and "reuse" therefore form the foundation of our collections.

Our own clothing range is deeply rooted in our values and the vision is a platform that moves freely between creativity and darkness. Among our collaborations you can find more established artists, and less acknowledged ones, who are united by an expression in line with our distinctive aesthetics. We have also hand-picked suppliers that stand out from the mass and many of them share our dark undertone. What they have in common is that they in one way or another work on a small scale and with a sustainable and ethical mindset in their production. 


How to find us

Our store is located at Högalidsgatan 38 (Södermalm) in Stockholm. We are open on Thursdays-Fridays between 12-6 pm and Saturdays between 12-4 pm.