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Remade porcelain cat that we painted by hand in a true Ve & fasa style. In the small village of Fjällåsen there once lived four cats - Jiji, Katze, Jonesy and Binx. During a blizzard, they disappeared without a trace and were later found dead in a deep ravine. However, their spirits returned to Fjällåsen and took great pleasure in creating discomfort and chaos among the villagers. They spread terror through menacing growls, clawing at doors and guttural sounds that cut through the night. You could also feel chilly gusts of wind passing by with an eerie presence in the rooms, especially at night. The ghosts of the cats especially punish those who have been particularly cruel to livestock and other animals, among other things by terrifying them and haunting them in their dreams.

The ”Skapelse” comes with a certificate (in Swedish) that proves its authenticity, gives the background story and is signed by the maker.

Height approx: 17 cm

Width approx: 11 cm

Maker: Anna Hanni