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In Scandinavian mythology, a Valkyria is a female figure who chose who would live or die in battle. The Valkyries then showed the condemned the road to Valhall, also known as "the hall of the fallen warriors". They traveled on horseback, wearing helmets, armor and weapons and often appeared in poems, works of art and music. With vetiver and sandalwood as base notes, Valkyrie gives you a sweetness, soft warmth, woody soil and green chewing at the same time. This scent has the strength of a warrior, with a hint of metal and the essence of a fresh breeze.

Valkyrie is a vegan fragrance oil that is made from natural ingredients with grape seed oil as a base. It comes in a dark glass cylinder and has a roll-on applicator for easy use.

• Top notes: eucalyptus

• Middle notes: lily, clover

• Base notes: frankincense (incense resin), sandalwood, vetiver

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