Nina Johansson is a jeweler from Stockholm. She has attended Konstfack's 3-year education "Ädellab" and, in addition to forging, also works with attribute making, sculpture and costume / scenography.

- My workshop is my perfect place, a world outside the world that I can populate based on whats in my own head. There I create my jewelry, every step from sketch to finished product. I get my inspiration from the nature and its changes, from mythology, magic and the architecture of the body.

The process of obtaining a finished piece of jewelery is called "lost shape" and means that an original made of wax is embedded in a gypsum-like cast compound, which is allowed to solidify. Working with lost shape means that you make a new mold with a new wax model for each piece of jewelry. After that, the wax melts out and leaves a cavity in the plaster. It is in this cavity that I then pour molten silver and thus get a copy of the wax model. Casting is like a kind of rapid fossilization, a fascinating process that humans have used for more than 5,000 years.

- Mining to extract metals is unfortunately a dirty process in many ways and recycling silver to be able to create new items is very important to me. Thanks to the fact that I work with casting, I can do just that. Instead of using raw materials from the earth, I use old forgotten silver objects and dented spoons that are melted down and given new life.