Some Kind of Mushroom necklace

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Necklace made of recycled silver representing a mushroom. The charm is about 4 cm and come with a chain in 925 sterling silver.

Stepping into a circle of mushrooms is an ancient tradition that can mean being taken to other places. Time and space do not follow our laws, but one day you can come back and discover that a hundred years have passed. Mushrooms have long been used in shamanism around the world.

This piece of jewelry is inspired by both edible, medicinal, magical and toxic fungi and has no exact equivalent in the natural world. The charms are completely 3-dimensional and can be worn on both sides outwards, each has a slightly different angle and appearance.

All Naomi Nowak's jewelery is hand-sculpted, mainly in wax and clay, but also with elements such as wood and found plant parts. They are molded in recycled silver and she uses a technique called "lost shape". The jewelry comes with a chain that was bought second hand and therefore varies slightly in length and design.